Is cloud hosting ready for business?

Doing business in the modern-day world has become a puzzle for many, but the decisions you make as an investor speak volumes on your ambitions to succeed. If you are a business owner and using your computers to locally backup data, you might have encountered some warnings about your storage running out. What was your solution? Getting another computer? Increasing your storage? Well, all this hassle can be avoided by embracing the latest model of computing. All you need is getting a reliable host that will enable you to perform your business transactions remotely without having to worry about storage or your security.

Businesses expand and scalability is one of the main concerns that business owners face. With cloud computing, you will expand your business to any level that you like at a ridiculously low cost. Why? Because you will avoid spending a lot in getting computing scalable infrastructure in place. Your needs for hardware and software will be cut down drastically and you will need little room for physical transactions.

As a technology, the cloud has managed to succeed because of its convenience and simplicity. Cloud hosting, (also called Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)) offers a central location to business for the storage, access and transferring data between interconnected devices. As a business, you will get an alternative to creating a data center and employing IT experts to help you create applications and protect your systems. Cloud solutions bring you re-engineered solutions that are always updated and patched by the host and all you need to do as a business is pay subscription fees and always keep an eye on your systems and report to your host in case you have any challenges.

The latest cloud hosting trends indicate that there are so many small and medium enterprises that are utilizing cloud hosting to host their businesses. The small businesses are earning benefits which they have never been able to attain before through migrating to the cloud. The increased profits are mainly due to reduced costs of operation, coupled with increased business efficiency and fast transactions.

In a conventional hosting situation, if a company has an e-commerce website that is in the early stages of development, then the best alternative for them is cloud hosting. However, after the business gains a good traffic flow and several visitors and becomes popular, they will be forced to migrate their website to a dedicated server hosting. Various businesses virtually get unlimited capacity when they host their services in infrastructure that is highly scalable, offered by the cloud. This has made their economies of scale increase at a tremendous rate.

At the moment, 37% of small businesses located in the United States of America have totally adopted the use cloud computing and research done by Intuit shows that the numbers could rise to 80% by the year 2020. The cloud has shaped how businesses operate and made them more competitive. The small businesses that have embraced cloud hosting and computing are able to compete on the same level as large companies because the Internet has leveled the playing field for everyone who engages in it.

How flexible can it be than working remotely and still achieve your targets as intended? Cloud computing fixes the issue of flexibility with work. Although many companies prefer having their employees at the workplace, it would not be harmful having them work remotely and still deliver their expected outcomes. All business owners and employees need to do are just log into their systems from any remote location and access the systems to perform their duties.

So what do you gain from using cloud hosting services?

  1. Disaster recovery and backup – Cloud computing facilitates the automatic dispatch of data from any location instead of having to depend on storing your files manually. The cloud might not be a silver bullet, but it is a better alternative than maintaining data on your own.
  2. Data analytics – in any market, it is vital to leverage data and makes informed decisions in business to remain relevant in the market. As cloud computing hosts, we offer tools for data analytics which are accessible and real-time from any place and any time, using even mobile devices.
  3. Security – no business would want to have its information and that of customers accessed or tampered with by unauthorized personnel. Cloud hosting will provide you with 24/7 security on your data to ensure that you do your business without any fears whatsoever.
  4. File sharing and storage – have you ever tried sharing a large file over some media and it took forever or simply got rejected? Well, you don’t have to worry about it because cloud hosting and computing got you covered. Cloud computing makes it easy to share large videos, files, documents, and pictures. The location does not matter as long as both parties have a good Internet connection.

So now that you are more informed, why not take the next step and host your business? You have everything to gain and little to lose once you decide to host your business.

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