Founded in 1997 in the United Kingdom, CiAN Networks is a privately-owned company providing (mainly) business-to-business network hosting and services, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering solutions with the highest levels of service and creativity to our clients.

Growing from our very first 10 Mbps cisco 2600 series routers in 1997, operating on single (Level 3) uplinks, with cisco 10/100 Mbps hubs for our internal infrastructure, we have steadily upgraded our gear to the point where we operate multiple wire speed routers on fibre optic uplinks fed by multiple and diverse Tier 1 and 2 providers at Gbps+ speeds. Our internal infrastructure has also moved on a bit since the early days, and we now switch at wire speed layer 2/3 on Gbps ports to all connected devices, and 10 Gb/s+ fibre inter-connectivity of our core switches throughout. Our VPS servers and database-intensive client solutions run at 40 Gbps+ over dedicated InfiniBand switches, removing latency at the storage level, the primary choke-point affecting other hosting providers.

Since the very beginning CiAN Networks have striven to remain the owner-operators of our own server platforms and hosting infrastructure. While this is a costlier route, we sincerely believe that the first step to delivering a first-class service requires levels of consistency and expertise from within that just can’t be achieved using ‘other peoples’ gear.

For the same reasons, we always strive to buy new and current generations of equipment, then maintain, patch, configure and secure them to the very highest standards. Our fullest attention to your business needs is not a luxury, it’s a right.

For a closer look at our range of fully managed, business grade services and just what the CiAN Networks difference could mean to you, please look around our site, and message or call us anytime. We are always here for you, and happy to assist in any way we can.


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