A Great Way to Earn Money

Each Referral Adds Cash to Your Account

CiAN Networks operate a very generous affiliate referral scheme, that allows you to obtain a 15% commission on all sales that occur from your referrals. In simple terms, for every $100 someone spends after you referred them, we will credit $15 to your affiliate account. As you refer more and more clients, and they add more and more purchases to their hosting accounts with CiAN.net you can quickly earn a large amount in fees. Furthermore, the fees remain for as long as the new client does, and continue on if the renew with the same product. Being a CiAN.net affiliate is a great way to make money, so don't delay, get started today!

Average Sale


Average Commision


Years of Paying Affiliates


Typical Monthly Commission



If you already have a CiAN.net account you can log in and select 'Affiliate' from the drop-down menu to activate your account. If you don't yet have a CiAN.net account, you will need to create one first (go ahead, its free to register!).


Within your Affiliate area you will see your 'You Unique Referral Link', which you can place anywhere into a web page. Whenever a visitor follows your link and then goes on to make a purchase with CiAN.net you will receive 15% commission from this.


You can view your current commission status from within your affiliate account area, and draw down the funds to yourself or spend them within CiAN.net on other products, its that simple and up to you!