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London Redbus Interhouse | Telehouse

Our first location was a single cabinet, growing to four in a caged enclosure at the London Redbus Interhouse datacentre. Points of presence in Manchester University and London Telehouse followed. The very first connection we took was from Level 3, who fed us a mighty 10 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth (at eye watering prices) to our single cisco 2600 series router in 1997. Internally we operated with cisco 10/100 Mb/s hubs for the backbone (before switches were the norm).

Things went well and soon our budget could reach to a pair of refurbished cisco 4500 series routers, with 100 Mb/s of bandwidth split between Level 3 and the rapidly growing UK phenomenon UK2NET, themselves located a short walk from our own enclosures. We acquired our own IP address block on a sponsored ASN, and expanded operations to include dial-in modem and ADSL services. Word of our clean and stable connectivity spread rapidly and CiAN became a popular host for dedicated game servers in the UK, as well as co-location for a range of businesses.

USA ColoGuard | Delimiter

Operations expanded into Asia and the USA, with a full cabinet and blended connection being taken at SunnyVision in San Po Kong, Hong Kong and our first servers delivering to ColoGuard in New York, USA and rentals from Delimiter in Atlanta, USA. Our bandwidth use and availability continued to increase steadily throughout this period.

As our client base steadily grew we continued to organically add points of presence in new regions, and improved connectivity options in places we already had a base in order to better meet their needs.

Hong Kong SunnyVision | Equinix

Currently we have 40GB of connectivity through premium transit and peering arrangements in the region provided by Huricane Electric, Gogent, NTT, Equinix and other prime carriers. Through our Autonomous System Number (ASN) 137552 we manage multiple /22 IPv4 address pools totalling in the thousands, plus an eye watering /32 pool of '79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,336' unique IPv6 addresses.

We offer IP transit services in our prime locations, together with colocation, dedicated servers, VPS servers and shared web hosting across our global footprint.