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Amsterdam, NL

Tier 3, ISO 27001 Facility
AMS-IX, Cogent, Huricane Electric

Speedtest AMS-1 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB

Hong Kong, CN

Tier 4, ISO 27001 Facility
Equinix, HKIX, Cogent, Huricane Electric

Speedtest HKG-1 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB

London, UK

Tier 3, ISO 27001 Facility
Cogent, Huricane Electric, LINX

Speedtest LDN-1 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB

Singapore, SG

Tier 4, ISO 27001 Facility
PCCW, Equinix Exchange

Speedtest SGN-1 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB

Florida, US

Tier 4, ISO 27001 Facility
Cogent, Huricane Electric

Speedtest FLA-1 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB

New York, US

Tier 3, ISO 27001 Facility
Cogent, Huricane Electric

Speedtest UK-1 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB

All network locations are monitored and managed 24/7 by our network operations team

Worldwide Deployment

CiAN operates its own IP address ranges under ASN 137552, offering IP transit across a range of Tier 1 (primary) and Tier 2 (local diversity) transport providers. Our choice of providers provide a balance of shortest path with highest stability.

Localised Peering

We continually review our relationships to ensure our network capacity remains ahead of our projected needs, always ensuring the lowest latency possible.

Reliable Networking

We maintain diverse pathways over multiple upstream providers and peering partners to ensure a stable and responsive network is maintained. Our global NOC monitors and proactively maintains our systems 24/7 to provide a consistent and stable experience for dedicated, hosted, colocated and transit IP users.          

  • BGP4 routing over multiple gateways
  • Diverse pathways
  • DDOS protection
  • Hardware firewalls
  • Traffic shaping

We are able to provide aditional levels of network redundancy at our primary hosting locations, using our own network address ranges.

Client Testimonials

We have been providing bespoke LAN, WAN and Internet solutions since 1997.

We needed a VPS and CDN solution for our clients to access securely, CiAN helped us deliver exactly what was needed.

Bogdan N.

We looked a long time for a solutions provider that was flexible enough to give us what we wanted, and smart enough to help us integrated with it. We found it in CiAN.

Victor G.

Keeping a busy gaming portal awake 24/7 needs a reliable and fast host. We have always found CiAN delivered the service when others only promised it.

Chris R.

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