High-performance hosting for BYO servers

Complete Control

All you want is a place to plug-and-play your own machines? No problem, we also offer colocation at principal locations. 

All colocation users have access to our control panel - use it to view statistics, troubleshoot, remote power control, and (if your device is PXE-enabled) remote OS installs and hardware troubleshooting.

Security Features

  • Network Firewall
  • Network IDS
  • DDOS Protection
  • On-site Security

Automation Features

  • Intelligent Hands
  • Automated OS Installation*
  • Server Boot to Recovery*
  • Automated IP Management*

Protection Features

  • Server Data Backup
  • Full Server Restore
  • Secured Datacentres
  • UPS & Generator Power 

Management Features

  • Bandwidth Statistics
  • Remote Power Control
  • 24/7 Operations Support
  • Server Logs

*some automation features require your device is PXE-enabled

Server Management