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Looking to try before you buy?

We know how important it is to find a provider that not only meets, but maybe even exceeds your expectations, and we hope that can be CiAN. There is no better way to know what your hosting would be like than to take a test drive with the ISP - do we provide such test accounts? Yes we do!

To enable a risk free trial of our services, we provide speed tests from our core locations of Europe, Asia and N. America (just click the links below). We also provide short-term test accounts for our KVM VPS and plesk hosting services - the duration of each account strikes a balance between allowing legitimate trials to take place, and managing the risk of abuse by spammers and others (please note, all hosting including trial accounts are bound by our acceptable use policy here).

Don't worry, you can sign up for hosting without payment, and upgrade to paid hosting without data loss once you are happy to do so. We will also assist without charge to migrate your existing hosting to our services if you need.

Speedtest Europe: 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB
Speedtest Asia: 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB
Speedtest N. America: 5MB|10MB|20MB|50MB|100MB

Take a FREE TRIAL of plesk for two days (48 hours)

plesk Free Trial

Take a FREE TRIAL of KVM-VPS for one day (24 hours) 
When ready for the next step, easily upgrade without data loss.

KVM-VPS Free Trial